Wellness and Primary Prevention- The Vermont Green Mountain Care Board solicits concrete suggestions

To improve the health and prosperity of Vermonters

We have a real opportunity to improve the health of Vermonters. Two Green Mountain Care Board (2) (GMCB) members are informally collecting suggestions on wellness, primary prevention and health care processes and interventions that often extend beyond the existing health care system.  I will forward your suggestions to them.

I volunteer with the grassroots Complementary and Alternate Medical Association of Vermont (1) (CAMaVT) to improve the health and prosperity of Vermonters by bringing together parties with solutions and those who could possibly implement them. I have been videotaping (3) and making public comments at GMCB meetings, introducing the board to the CAM community (1) and been appointed to the GMCB General Advisory Committee (2).

Vermont is leading the nation in comprehensive health care reform.  Act 48 created the independent five member GMCB appointed by the Governor to design and oversee Vermont’s evidence-based and prevention-oriented heath care system. Its goals are to 1) moderate costs and 2) improve health.

Please send me your written suggestions and/or share this with others that you think might be interested. They request a description in no more than a total of 2 pages including answers to the four questions below below to the extent that you are able. It would be best if you could respond by June 25 but later would still be useful.

  1. 1. What are your reasons (and upon what data or evidence is it based) for suggesting that your approach can improve the health of Vermonters?
  2. 2. How could your approach be integrated into a more coordinated system?  How would it work?
  3. 3. Can you estimate the annual cost of your program per person? Where would the savings from your program be realized?
  4. 4. How would you coordinate with traditional primary care providers and specialists?

I welcome your interest.  Please contact me for more information or to discuss your suggestions.

1) Thomas Hall, Cofounder and President
Complementary and Alternative Medical Association of Vermont,
A grassroots organization

161 Austin Dr. 38, Burlington VT 05401
2) Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) Advisory Committee. http://gmcboard.vermont.gov/advisory_groups
3) CAMaVT-TV, View GMCB meeting videos: http://gmcboard.vermont.gov/meetings/video
4) Vermont Integrated Health Care Committee (VIHCC),
A grassroots group assisting the GMCB improve the health and prosperity of all

5) Vermont Vedic Health – Thomas’ Blog www.VermontVedicHealth.org
6) House bill H.64, Cut Health costs in half by keeping people healthy (http://tinyurl.com/PreventionSavings)

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