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Complementary and Alternative
Medical Association
of Vermont
A grassroots organization promoting heath and prosperity

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“We all know there’s huge savings in preventative care”
“Vermont is too small to fail”

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin

The grassroots Complementary and Alternative Medical Association of Vermont (www.CAMaVT.org) invites you and all interested to join us working together to achieve our mutual goals. Together we can turn our failed health care system right side up by keeping Vermonters healthy through wellness, healing, preventing the birth of disease and the integration of Alternative and Conventional health care service.

 1)  Comments on ACA (ObamaCare)   By Director Robin Lunge, Deputy Director Dave Reynolds Health Care Reform, Agency of Administration,:Oct. 23, 2013

a)     State insurance, benefits, and payment determinations are not preempted by the ACA.
b)     The exchange will contain the current benefit package for 2014 and 2015. For 2016 it is unknown.
c)     State mandates will continue such as insurance coverage of Chiropractors and Naturopaths.
d)     If benefits are added the state must pay for them

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